The Main Functions Of A Solid Waste Management Plant

Investing in a modern solid waste management plant can be a great idea. There’s always a need for collecting, sorting and recycling garbage, so you can rest assured you’ll have a lot of work all year round. This article takes a closer look into the main functions of the ideal garbage sorting equipment, in order for you to understand what to look for in such a machine.

One of the first things that come to mind is the need to separate the different types of waste, in order to further process them and turn them into useful products to sell for a nice profit. As there are four main categories of waste, your plant will need to be able to separate and process all of them in a timely and effective manner. Let’s see what are some methods of sorting solid waste, depending on its category and on your specific business strategy.

Solid Waste Management Plant
Solid Waste Management Plant

Metals are the easiest to separate. All you need is a magnetic separation system and enough room to store all the waste metal you’re going to remove from the huge piles of garbage in your plant. You can sell this waste to various manufacturers or metal dealers. Turning it into something else is a cumbersome and costly endeavor that requires resources you may not have. Just make sure you find someone willing to buy your collected metal waste and you’re done.

Plastic waste is also fairly easy to separate, because it is lighter than other materials. Solid waste sorting machine has modules that are designed to remove plastic, so that you can process it further. It is up to you whether to sell this plastic waste or to acquire the equipment to turn it into oil or into other products.

Organic materials are rather heavy. You can turn them into bricks and sell them for a profit. Separating organic matters from the rest is easy to do with the help of huge centrifugal machines that spin at high speeds, throwing this waste toward the exterior walls of the equipment. These rotating screening machines have an extremely low failure rate, being therefore ideal for sorting municipal solid waste with excellent efficiency.

waste sorting machine
waste sorting machine

All solid waste management plants should have a reliable winnowing machine. This device uses the most advanced mechanical separation methods. It is able to sort the waste into three types much faster than most known solutions available today. By using two different hole sizes, this machine can sort two different types of waste at once.

The bag breaker is another useful equipment that can help managing solid waste in a more effective manner. It usually integrates several breaking and dissociation methods, thus being very effective for preparing the solid waste for the next stages of the recycling process.

Last but not least, the deodorizing system helps keeping workers and neighbors sane and healthy. If you care about your employees and about the environment, you have to keep the bad smell under control.

All these functions can help you run your solid waste management plant ( effectively, while also complying with your local laws and regulation.

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