Learn More About Tyre Recycling Plant With Beston Machinery

Tyre recycling is the process by which tyre waste products are transformed into useful products. Tyres are usually recycled when they can no longer be used by vehicles as a result of wearing and tearing. Tyres are non-biodegradable, and so recycling them is the best alternative for making them useful again. Beston tyre recycling machine is used to recycle rubber products through the pyrolysis process which involves heating of rubber in the absence of oxygen.

Waste Tyre Recycling Machine to Canada
Waste Tyre Recycling Machine to Canada

Basic Information of Beston Machinery

There are several tyre recycling machines in South Africa, but this article will focus primarily on Beston Machinery. Beston waste tyre recycling plant is also known as the tyre to oil plant because oil is one of the major components that is a by-product of the recycling process. Oil is essential for every economy that wants to grow. The recycling plant utilizes a high-temperature reactor that heats rubber to convert it into oil and carbon also known as char. Besides recycling tyres, the machine can also convert rubber products and oil sludge into useful substances.

Uses of End Products of Tyre Recycling

During the tyre recycling process, several by-products are produced. These products are combustible gas, steel wire, carbon black, and fuel oil. Their applications are stated below.

1. Carbon Black

Carbon black is carbon that is produced in powder form during the pyrolysis process. The carbon can be sold directly, it can be used to make bricks for construction, and is also used to make cable jackets and pipes.

Uses of Carbon Black
Uses of Carbon Black

2. Steel Wire

Steel wire obtained from the tyre recycling plant can be sold directly in the market, or it can be reprocessed to produce other useful materials.

3. Combustible Gas

The gas is produced in the reactor during the pyrolysis process. The combustible gas is usually fed back into the tyre recycling plant to provide energy for the recycling process. The gas makes the plant self-sustaining.

4. Fuel Oil

Fuel oil forms the most considerable percentage of tyre recycling products. The percentage of fuel oil is approximated to 45% and is widely used in several industrial applications. Fuel oil is used to power diesel/petrol engines, to power generators, and to make lubricants. The more the oil a country has, the higher the rate of its economic growth. It will bring you great benefits. That’s why many investors are looking for pyrolysis plant for sale.

Application of Fuel Oil
Application of Fuel Oil

Summary of Pyrolysis Process

The worn out tyres are shredded and cut into small pieces. The tyres are then fed into the reactor using conveyor belts. Hot air is supplied to the reactor to heat the shredded tyres. The rubber molecules break down and to produce, carbon black, fuel oil, and combustible gases. The oil drops into the oil tank and the combustible gas is purified and fed back into the reactor chamber. The smoke produced by the reactor heats air from the heat exchanger to produce oxygen which is required to sustain burning in the reactor. The steel wires are separated from the carbon black using magnetic separators. The carbon black is then stored in a carbon storage tank.

Precautions While Working With Tyre Recycling Plant

1. Only trained and qualified workers should be allowed to operate waste recycling equipment.

2. All workers, engineers, and operators working in the recycling plant should have their safety gears on to prevent accidents.

3. The reactor and other essential components of the recycling plant should be maintained regularly.

4. All pressure and temperature sensors should be in their healthy and working states at all times.

5. Vacuum pumps, emergency vents, and safety valves should be fully functional at all times during the operation of the plant for safety reasons.

Advantages of Tyre Recycling Machine South Africa

1. Conservation of the Environment- The recycling plant has effective mechanisms for treating exhaust gases before they are released into the environment protecting the environment from pollution.

2. Assured Security- Beston recycling plant has highly-advanced automated security systems that make the plant explosion-proof. The system also has pressure sensors that control the pressure of the reactor preventing it from exploding.

3. Efficient Systems- Beston tyre recycling facility has been designed with the latest technology that guarantees quality products and effective recycling processes.

4. Affordable Installation Services- Beston tyre recycling plant is always installed at manageable charges. Additionally, the installation services are done by highly trained and certified technicians who have many years of experience.

5. Creation of Employment Opportunities- The recycling plant opens up so many opportunities for local and international workers.

In summary, understanding how the tyre recycling machine works and some of the benefits that are associated with it is essential to any country that is planning to commission the Beston tyre recycling machine. The plant is one equipment that has helped South Africa fight environmental pollution in a very significant way.

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