Detailed Description of the Good-Quality Tyre Recycling Equipment

Industries are coming up every day as we go by. This means that more and more products are being produced. With the increase in product production, there is a decrease in natural resources as well as an increase in the waste material produced from this process. In light of this analysis, it is prudent to come up with efficient and effective ways of reducing the pollution caused by the industrial era. One major way of ensuring that pollution is kept at its minimum is recycling some of these products. Here, we are going to look at a machine that makes it capable to recycle tyres. All types of tyres: car tyres, truck tyres and so many more. The tyre recycling machine is an effective modern way of disposing of scrap tyres by recycling the raw materials used in the making of these tyres.

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1.Characteristics of the machine:

The tire recycling equipment has the capacity to hold between 200-1000kg/h. It deals with tyres measuring between 400-3000mm in diameter with its output being a mesh that is about 5-100mm which is subject to customization according to the desired output. This tyre recycling equipment ensures complete separation of fibre, steel, and rubber crumbs. it has a low energy consumption which is eco-friendly as well as implementing the Programmable Logic Controller system that ensures high-quality output without the need for too much manpower: about 4-6 persons are required at a time for full and effective functionality. The machine occupies an area of about 680 square meters. The blades on the machine have added advantages as they provide a long life service term, high utilization and multiple maintenances.

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2.The working process:

It is important to look at a step by step procedure of how this machine functions in and out in order to get a clear picture of exactly how efficient it is in recycling these tyres.

1. Firstly tyres which are smaller than 1200 mm can be sent to tyre shredder directly and shredded into small pieces.

2. The auto screw feeder feeds the tyre pieces into the pyrolysis reactor. And then you will heat the reactor. When the temperature inside of the reactor reaches to a certain degree, oil gas will be generated and go to the oil gas manifold afterward.

3. Thirdly, the heavy particles in the oil gas will be liquefied into heavy oil and reserved in heavy oil tank directly. The light particles in the oil gas will first go to the condenser and then be liquefied into a light oil and reserved in the light oil tank.

4. There will be combustible gas during the process of pyrolysis, so you can clean it and remove the sulfur on it in the hydro seal and then it can supply heat for the reactor as a fuel.

5. The flue gas generated during the whole process of working will also be filtered. Carbon black is also collected automatically during the whole process.

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The main aim of recycling is to ensure that the byproducts collected from this process are put to good use. The tyre pyrolysis oil can be used in so many other ways:


-Qualified diesel after purification and distillation.

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