Benefits of Tires to Oil Machine for Recycling Tire

The first economic aspect to consider before purchasing any piece of equipment is the cost of that equipment. Price is used to assess the viability of the equipment and whether the project will be worth undertaking. The tires to oil machine is no exception. The tire to oil plant cost is an essential factor to consider when purchasing tire recycling equipment. An affordable price should always be preferred to reduce the payback period of the plant and to make the running of the machinery a profitable venture. The article will cover the advantages of the Beston tire to oil machine, the critical factors that determine the cost of the tire to oil plants, and the uses of the various products of pyrolysis.

Tire to Oil Machine
Beston Tire to Oil Machine for Sale with High Quality

Advantages of Beston Tires to Oil Machine

Beston Group has supplied a significant number of pyrolysis plants to many countries across the world. Some of the counties enjoying the benefits of the tire to oil plants are South Africa, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Indonesia. The advantages that set the Beston tire recycling machinery apart from other competitors are:

1. The Plants Can Operate Continuously.

The Beston machinery can operate for 24 hours daily without stopping. The continuous operation is a significant upside of the plant because more output can be obtained from the machine daily. The 24-hours operation also ensures that the production capacity matches and exceeds the demand. Click to get appropriate models which satisfied your need.

2. The Plant is Safe to Use.

The Beston machinery is integrated with advanced systems that protect the operators and workers who are tasked to work around the machine. The reactor chamber is enclosed with an explosion-proof material. Additionally, the entire system is composed of pressure gauges and sensors, which help to monitor and regulate the pressure and temperatures of the whole pyrolysis plant.

3. The Machinery is Energy-Efficient.

One striking advantage of the Beston tire recycling facility is self-sufficiency. The plant utilizes the combustible gas produced in its nuclear reactor to maintain the high temperatures of the reactor. Moreover, no external source of energy is required to heat the plant making the whole system energy-effective.

4. The Plant Requires Low Running Cost.

The Beston Group designs tire to oil plants that are either fully-automated or semi-automated. The fully-automated systems can perform the entire tire pyrolysis process without human intervention. The feature signifies that few laborers are required to maintain the production process. In the long run, a company saves a lot of resources that could have gone to paying workers.

Beston Waste Tyre To Oil Plant
Beston Waste Tyre To Oil Plant for Sale

Factors That Determine the Tires to Oil Machine Cost

The prices of the tire pyrolysis plants are not fixed but vary depending on the following factors:

1. The Cost of Raw Materials

The cheaper the raw materials, the lower the production cost of the pyrolysis plant. When the raw materials are scarce, getting them becomes hard and this leads to an increase in the cost of production. On the other hand, if the raw materials are cheaper and readily available, the cost of production drops significantly.

2. The Capacity of Daily Production

The prices of tire recycling plants increase exponentially as the level of output increase. A BLJ-10 tire recycling machinery costs more than a BJL-6 plant because it has a higher daily production output. The BLJ-10 produces approximately 10 tonnes daily while the BLJ-6 produces 6 tonnes. There are several projects about tyre to oil plant.

3. Level of Automation

Recycling plants that are fully-automated cost more than those that are semi-automated. Fully-automated plants cost more because they require less human labor to run than semi-automated systems.

4. The Size of the Plant

Large plants cost more than small plants. Large plants require bigger land to install than small plants. The larger the piece of land occupied by the machine, the higher the installation and maintenance costs and vice versa.

5. Repair and Maintenance Costs

Machines that require high maintenance costs are more expensive to run than those that need less maintenance cost.

Utilization of Outputs of Tire to Oil Plant

1. Fuel oil can be sold directly in the market and can be used in industries for heating applications.

2. The steel wire can be sold directly in the market and can be used to manufacture iron products.

3. Carbon black is reprocessed and used in the manufacture of bricks.

4. The combustible gas is recycled back to the reactor chamber for heating purposes.

The above products are valuable commodities that can be obtained from the tires to oil machine manufactured by Beston. The products are vital at improving the economic standards of a country. In conclusion, it is essential to appreciate the various factors that determine the tire to oil plant costs so that the right financial decision is made when commissioning a particular tire recycling plant.

Detailed Description of the Good-Quality Tyre Recycling Equipment

Industries are coming up every day as we go by. This means that more and more products are being produced. With the increase in product production, there is a decrease in natural resources as well as an increase in the waste material produced from this process. In light of this analysis, it is prudent to come up with efficient and effective ways of reducing the pollution caused by the industrial era. One major way of ensuring that pollution is kept at its minimum is recycling some of these products. Here, we are going to look at a machine that makes it capable to recycle tyres. All types of tyres: car tyres, truck tyres and so many more. The tyre recycling machine is an effective modern way of disposing of scrap tyres by recycling the raw materials used in the making of these tyres.

Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale
Beston Tire Recycling Equipment

1.Characteristics of the machine:

The tire recycling equipment has the capacity to hold between 200-1000kg/h. It deals with tyres measuring between 400-3000mm in diameter with its output being a mesh that is about 5-100mm which is subject to customization according to the desired output. This tyre recycling equipment ensures complete separation of fibre, steel, and rubber crumbs. it has a low energy consumption which is eco-friendly as well as implementing the Programmable Logic Controller system that ensures high-quality output without the need for too much manpower: about 4-6 persons are required at a time for full and effective functionality. The machine occupies an area of about 680 square meters. The blades on the machine have added advantages as they provide a long life service term, high utilization and multiple maintenances.

Tire Recycle Plant Price
Cost-effective Tyre Recycling Equipment

2.The working process:

It is important to look at a step by step procedure of how this machine functions in and out in order to get a clear picture of exactly how efficient it is in recycling these tyres.

1. Firstly tyres which are smaller than 1200 mm can be sent to tyre shredder directly and shredded into small pieces.

2. The auto screw feeder feeds the tyre pieces into the pyrolysis reactor. And then you will heat the reactor. When the temperature inside of the reactor reaches to a certain degree, oil gas will be generated and go to the oil gas manifold afterward.

3. Thirdly, the heavy particles in the oil gas will be liquefied into heavy oil and reserved in heavy oil tank directly. The light particles in the oil gas will first go to the condenser and then be liquefied into a light oil and reserved in the light oil tank.

4. There will be combustible gas during the process of pyrolysis, so you can clean it and remove the sulfur on it in the hydro seal and then it can supply heat for the reactor as a fuel.

5. The flue gas generated during the whole process of working will also be filtered. Carbon black is also collected automatically during the whole process.

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The main aim of recycling is to ensure that the byproducts collected from this process are put to good use. The tyre pyrolysis oil can be used in so many other ways:


-Qualified diesel after purification and distillation.

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Why You Should Consider Owning A Tire To Oil Plant

Have you ever thought about owning a tire to oil plant? If you have never heard of one, or ever considered purchasing one, this is certainly something that you should do. If you have a business that has access to a consistent flow of rubber tires, then this would be a secondary business that would fit perfectly with your company. Your ability to transform these tires into bio oil that could be sold, or even used by your business, would be an asset in a very profitable manner. This is why you should consider purchasing a tyre pyrolysis machine that can convert rubber tires into oil, a trend that is becoming stronger with each passing year.

Tire to Oil Machine
Tire to Oil Machine

Why Would You Want To Convert Tires Into Oil?

Converting tires into oil is beneficial in three different ways. First of all, you are helping to alleviate the problem of rubber tires that are getting placed in landfills. Second, you are repurpose thing the tires by breaking them down products that can be used in sold. You will end up with charcoal, biofuel for diesel motors, and also the bio oil which can be sold in a couple different ways. First of all, the industrial sector will be looking for this type of oil as a lubricant substitute, one that can replace the expensive oil they are using in Beston pyrolysis machine. Second, the cosmetic industry is constantly looking for reliable sources for oil that they can use in their cosmetic products.

Will This Be A Lucrative Endeavor?

This will certainly be lucrative for any business that decides to go in this direction. There is a large initial investment, one that can be paid off in just a few years. Even if your primary focus is to break down rubber tires into oil, you still have the other byproducts that you can also sell. This could be a smaller pyrolysis plant for sale because you only have a few rubber tires coming in every now and then. For those that are in charge of a landfill that is filled with billions of rubber tires, this could be your way of improving the revenue of your business.

BLJ-10 Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa
BLJ-10 Tyre Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa

Obtaining the right tire to oil plant for your company will only take a few days of research. You must consider every possibility that is out there. Some of these companies are going to be extremely large, selling to businesses and individuals worldwide. It is actually hard to imagine how many rubber tires are available for processing, and the more of these that are sold than used the better it is for our world. If you would like to invest in one of these pyrolysis plants for converting rubber tires into oil, you can easily find a business that will offer you a very good deal on one. Just make sure that the pyrolysis plant that you obtain is calibrated for converting rubber tires into these byproducts, and that you are getting the best possible price. That’s why taking the time to do the research, as well as looking at online advertisements, is so important to starting this business off right.

Learn More About Tyre Recycling Plant With Beston Machinery

Tyre recycling is the process by which tyre waste products are transformed into useful products. Tyres are usually recycled when they can no longer be used by vehicles as a result of wearing and tearing. Tyres are non-biodegradable, and so recycling them is the best alternative for making them useful again. Beston tyre recycling machine is used to recycle rubber products through the pyrolysis process which involves heating of rubber in the absence of oxygen.

Waste Tyre Recycling Machine to Canada
Waste Tyre Recycling Machine to Canada

Basic Information of Beston Machinery

There are several tyre recycling machines in South Africa, but this article will focus primarily on Beston Machinery. Beston waste tyre recycling plant is also known as the tyre to oil plant because oil is one of the major components that is a by-product of the recycling process. Oil is essential for every economy that wants to grow. The recycling plant utilizes a high-temperature reactor that heats rubber to convert it into oil and carbon also known as char. Besides recycling tyres, the machine can also convert rubber products and oil sludge into useful substances.

Uses of End Products of Tyre Recycling

During the tyre recycling process, several by-products are produced. These products are combustible gas, steel wire, carbon black, and fuel oil. Their applications are stated below.

1. Carbon Black

Carbon black is carbon that is produced in powder form during the pyrolysis process. The carbon can be sold directly, it can be used to make bricks for construction, and is also used to make cable jackets and pipes.

Uses of Carbon Black
Uses of Carbon Black

2. Steel Wire

Steel wire obtained from the tyre recycling plant can be sold directly in the market, or it can be reprocessed to produce other useful materials.

3. Combustible Gas

The gas is produced in the reactor during the pyrolysis process. The combustible gas is usually fed back into the tyre recycling plant to provide energy for the recycling process. The gas makes the plant self-sustaining.

4. Fuel Oil

Fuel oil forms the most considerable percentage of tyre recycling products. The percentage of fuel oil is approximated to 45% and is widely used in several industrial applications. Fuel oil is used to power diesel/petrol engines, to power generators, and to make lubricants. The more the oil a country has, the higher the rate of its economic growth. It will bring you great benefits. That’s why many investors are looking for pyrolysis plant for sale.

Application of Fuel Oil
Application of Fuel Oil

Summary of Pyrolysis Process

The worn out tyres are shredded and cut into small pieces. The tyres are then fed into the reactor using conveyor belts. Hot air is supplied to the reactor to heat the shredded tyres. The rubber molecules break down and to produce, carbon black, fuel oil, and combustible gases. The oil drops into the oil tank and the combustible gas is purified and fed back into the reactor chamber. The smoke produced by the reactor heats air from the heat exchanger to produce oxygen which is required to sustain burning in the reactor. The steel wires are separated from the carbon black using magnetic separators. The carbon black is then stored in a carbon storage tank.

Precautions While Working With Tyre Recycling Plant

1. Only trained and qualified workers should be allowed to operate waste recycling equipment.

2. All workers, engineers, and operators working in the recycling plant should have their safety gears on to prevent accidents.

3. The reactor and other essential components of the recycling plant should be maintained regularly.

4. All pressure and temperature sensors should be in their healthy and working states at all times.

5. Vacuum pumps, emergency vents, and safety valves should be fully functional at all times during the operation of the plant for safety reasons.

Advantages of Tyre Recycling Machine South Africa

1. Conservation of the Environment- The recycling plant has effective mechanisms for treating exhaust gases before they are released into the environment protecting the environment from pollution.

2. Assured Security- Beston recycling plant has highly-advanced automated security systems that make the plant explosion-proof. The system also has pressure sensors that control the pressure of the reactor preventing it from exploding.

3. Efficient Systems- Beston tyre recycling facility has been designed with the latest technology that guarantees quality products and effective recycling processes.

4. Affordable Installation Services- Beston tyre recycling plant is always installed at manageable charges. Additionally, the installation services are done by highly trained and certified technicians who have many years of experience.

5. Creation of Employment Opportunities- The recycling plant opens up so many opportunities for local and international workers.

In summary, understanding how the tyre recycling machine works and some of the benefits that are associated with it is essential to any country that is planning to commission the Beston tyre recycling machine. The plant is one equipment that has helped South Africa fight environmental pollution in a very significant way.

How To Locate Low Tires To Oil Machine Prices On The Web

The machines that are able to convert rubber tires into oil are quite numerous around the world. Part of the reason has to do with the acknowledgment that so many countries are just piling up tires in landfills. Up until a few years ago, it was not understood that you could convert these tires into a marketable fuels. For example, if you convert the tires using a pyrolysis machine, it will make charcoal, biofuel like diesel, and also bio oil which can be sold to mechanic shops, and also people in the cosmetic industry. There is so much profit to be made by investing in tires to oil machines that you ought to look seriously into this type of business. What you will do initially is find the companies that manufacture them, and then try to get the best tires to oil machine prices.

Tires To Oil Machine
Tires To Oil Machine

Is This A Viable Business Model For All Countries?

There are only three factors to consider as you are looking at whether or not investing in a pyrolysis machine is a viable business opportunity. First of all, you need to have an efficient machine that can produce oil from the tires at the highest rate possible. Second, you need to have an ample supply of tires. Please visit There are literally thousands of places around the world that have landfills with tires just sitting in the ground. Finally, you need to have buyers that are willing to pay top dollar for biofuel and charcoal that you will produce at a phenomenal level.

How To Assess The Different Machines That You Locate

Assessing the different tire to oil machines that are being sold begins with assessing the manufacturers that create them. You need to look into their history to make sure that they are legitimate companies. If there are complaints against these businesses, these of the ones that you will want to avoid. The ones that come with high recommendations are the ones that you will want to consider purchasing one of these machines from. You may want to start small with the machines, and subsequently move up to an entire waste tyre pyrolysis machine which can produce so much more material. After your initial assessment, you will then decide on the tires to oil machine that you would like to start off with.

waste tyre pyrolysis machine
Waste tyre pyrolysis machine

Best Ways To Get Excellent Deals On These Machines

To get the best deals on these machines, it’s all about price comparison shopping. Find three or more of the businesses that produce these, preferably reputable companies, and then see who is charging the least amount of money. This should also be compared with the cost of shipping. Therefore, you may be comparing a company in China with one in India, and yet another in South Africa. There are many companies that you can choose from, one of which will offer you the best prices on the cost of the machines and shipping fees to your location.

The investment that you will make into a tires to oil machine will be one of the best you have ever done. Once it is operational, and you have multiple buyers purchasing the byproducts of the pyrolysis process on an ongoing basis, you will see why this industry is so popular. All it takes is a little bit of research so you can find the lowest tyre to oil plant project cost on a pyrolysis machine that will work for many years to come.

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An Introduction To A Fully Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

If you own a pyrolysis plant, you likely have a source for tyre or rubber that you can process daily. A pyrolysis machine can effectively convert these materials into combustible fuels that many countries need. Whether you are in South Africa, the United States, or even in China, large amounts of these materials are consistently placed in landfills. Technology has improved our ability to not only sort these materials out of solid waste, but we can also use a fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant ( to do this nearly 24 hours a day. If you do have a large amount of tyre coming to your facility regularly, this is why you may want one of these units.

pirolisis de neumaticos
Pirolisis de neumaticos

How Does The Pyrolysis Plant Work?

The first stage of the process, especially with a pyrolysis plant that processes tyre, is the tyre material must be chipped up into smaller pieces. This is sent via conveyor into the pyrolysis reactor. Once it is sealed, the oxygen will be taken out of the chamber, and everything inside will be heated to a very high temperature. A chemical chain reaction will then ensue. Everything will break down into component parts. There will be solid waste left over which is the charcoal. There will be gases that will condense into liquids, forming the bio oil and biofuel. All of these products can be sold to both companies and individuals that will use this, sometimes in lieu of gasoline. Larger businesses that are going through thousands of tons of solid waste every week stand to make the most profit by selling these byproducts produced by pyrolysis machines.

Why Would You Want A Fully Continuous Model?

Pyrolysis plants that work on a continual basis are the best ones to own. This pre-assumes that you have a consistent source of tyre that can go through these systems. If they are fully continuous, you should be able to activate them and leave them running day and night. With the exception of the times were maintenance needs to be done, these will consistently produce all of these materials that can be sold.

planta de pirolisis
Planta de pirolisis

How To Find The Businesses That Make Pyrolysis Plants

Locating businesses that sell continuous pyrolysis plants or machines begins with online advertisements, such as Beston. Larger businesses will have more advertisements on the web, and may even advertise in your local paper. The estimates that you receive from these companies should come in after a few days. This will allow you to make the most logical choice. The ones that are continuous are perfect for companies that are processing solid waste for tens of thousands of customers. Instead of simply burying tyre in a landfill, you can now process the tyre into a profitable product:

When you develop a list of clientele that is purchasing this material every week, you may soon be able to expand your business. All you need to do is invest in more than one of these continuous pyrolysis plants so you can begin to generate more money from these recyclable materials.

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